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Truck Beds


Our goal at the Avalon Service Center is to make sure you get the most out of your truck and make your farm or construction work life more efficient. We offer American made Bradford Built truck beds, that are built for hard working truck owners who demand a tough, roughed, reliable truck bed. Our knowledgeable & well-respected team is committed to excellence in helping you select the perfect bed & professionally installing it onsite for your convenience.

Steel or Aluminum Workbed: This is the classic Bradford Built truck bed that is a very effective upgrade to your truck. Both varieties include the gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, 4” hinged flip-down side rails, formed headache rack, sealed wiring harness, extended skirting, steel subframe, stake pockets, flush mount tie downs, & LED lights. The aluminum model gives a 30% weight savings compared to the same model & size of the steel bed.

Steel Workbed

Aluminum Workbed

Steel or Aluminum 4-Box Utility & Regulator: The 4-Box is the working model of the Bradford Built skirted beds. Both varieties include 2” fender skirt, wide deck, four underbody insert toolboxes, gooseneck hitch, deep skirting with receiver hitch, formed headache rack, flush mount tie downs, steel subframe, & LED lights. *Wheel well intended for stock tires. The aluminum model has all the same features but at a big weight savings. The Regulator is built with an all-tread plate body to resist paint damage.

Steel 4-Box Utility

Aluminum 4-Box Utility

Regulator Bed

Mustang Bed: This no frills, competitively priced bed makes a great ranch hand truck. Standard features include tube style headache rack, gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, & stake pockets.

Mustang Bed

Steel or Aluminum Stepside Bed: Standard features include a black powder coat, 4” flip-down sides, flush mount tie downs, 30,000# capacity recessed gooseneck ball, formed headache rack, gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, sealed beam lights, & fender flares. Aluminum doors are optional on the steel bed. The aluminum stepside has a weight savings of about 20-30% compared to the steel bed. The heavy-duty aluminum construction & the tread brite finish make this a great choice for any job!

Steel Stepside Bed

Aluminum Stepside Bed

Bale Spearbed: Makes the task of feeding livestock easy from the comfort of your truck by using an electric over hydraulic system. Standard features include underbody storage for the two drop forged spikes, gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, formed headache rack, turner block, & 4” flip-down extended skirting.

Bale Spearbed

Clamp Bed: Perfect for feeding livestock at multiple locations with the option to unroll your bales. The electric over hydraulic system allows bales to be loaded in approximately 30 seconds. Standard features include clamp spinner, gooseneck hitch, & tube style headache rack.

Clamp Bed

Truck Bed Size Guide

Steel or Aluminum Crossbody & Underbody Toolboxes: Perfect storage options to add utility to your workbed. Easy to install & available in many sizes.

Steel Underbody Toolbox

Aluminum Underbody Toolbox

Steel Crossbody Toolbox

Aluminum Crossbody Toolbox

½ Size Aluminum Crossbody Toolbox

Steel Toolboxes Dimensions (L x H x Depth)
BB 84 Short, 96 Short 18 1/2 L x 14 H x 16 D
BB 84, BB 90, BB 96 33 L x 14 H x 16 D
BB 96 x 48 48 L x 14 H x 16 D
Crossbody 69 L x 15 1/2 H x 20 1/2 D
Aluminum Toolboxes Dimensions (L x H x Depth)
BB 84 Short, 96 Short 18 1/2 L x 14 H x 16 D
BB 84, BB 90, BB 96 33 L x 14 H x 16 D
Crossbody 69 L x 15 1/2 H x 20 1/2 D

To see all truck bed options & accessories, please visit the Bradford Built website.