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Brand FX Fiberglass Service and Utility Trailer Bodies

The most fuel efficient on the market, our service bodies deliver up to 40% weight savings over steel trailer bodies. This weight savings translates directly into greatly improved operating costs. On average, you will save 2% on fuel, and less weight means lower maintenance cost of tires, brakes, shocks and suspensions, as compared to an equivalent steel trailer body. BrandfX bodies keep their sleek good looks year after year, rust free for life, and able to shrug off minor scrapes and bumps. BrandFX service bodies easily maintain for the transfer of service life over 2-3 vehicles and bring top dollar in resale values, keeping your utility trailer fleet looking sharp and running lean.

"A place for everything and everything in its place" truly describes what BrandFX Service Bodies offer in the field: More places for everything -- for all the tools, equipment, parts, and materials that let you do a more efficient job. More ways to keep everything protected yet instantly accessible, to help extract more productivity from every workday.

From the BFX 76 Series for a compact truck bed to the BFX 84 Series for high-GVW dual-wheel chassis, the four BrandFX Service Body families offer the ideal combination of capacity and configuration for an endless variety of applications. Select the trailer model with the compartment layout and load capability you're looking for, then choose from our long list of options to tailor your selection precisely to your task.

  • Standard Features

    • Rock guards
    • Aluminum gas fill cup
    • Automotive grade bubble gasket
    • Bright white gel-coat exterior
    • Bright white interiors to reflect light
    • LED exterior lighting package (except back-up lights)
    • Flow through ventilation system
    • Light adapter for specified chassis
    • Non-skid compartment tops
    • One piece molded doors w/ automotive finish both sides
    • Recessed door jams
    • 3/16" smooth aluminum bulkhead
    • 3/16" smooth aluminum tail skirt
    • Steel rear mounting brackets
    • 1/8" steel tread plate floor
    • Stainless steel rotary latches
    • Type 304 stainless steel door hinges, and hardware
    • Vinyl coated stainless steel cable door stops